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Needs List

All listed items help as much if not more than cash donations and are tax deductible In-kind donations.

Animal Food

*Purina Cat Chow "Complete" in Blue Bag (Brand and Variety Specific) (use over 2000Lbs/year)

*Purina Kitten Chow in Yellow Bag (Brand Specific) (use over 2000Lbs/year)

*“Esbilac Milk Replacer” powder by PetAg

*Beechnut “Stage 1” baby food (“chicken and broth”) no substitutes please

*Frozen mixed vegetables (small cut mixed typically corn, peas, carrots, green beans)

*Kaytee bird “hand feeding formula”

*Raw unsalted whole nuts in shell (almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts)

*Songbird Seed: mixed (little or no milo seed is best), millet, thistle (5lb bags or smaller), finch, canary, etc

Items below Typically run about $20/50# bag and can be purchased at most farm supply stores (IFA, Dallas Green, Cal-Ranch, Smith & Edwards are examples)

*Game Bird or Turkey “Maintenance”, “Grower”, 50# bag (prefer granulized over pellets)

*Turkey/Gamebird/Duck Mash (Protein greater than 20%)

*“Pigeon Feed” 50# bag (used for a variety of birds & small mammals)

*Rodent Diet – Purina "Lab Diet5001" or 5002 - large sized pellets rats, gerbils, hamsters (for our beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, etc.)

*Timothy Hay (bagged not in bails please)

Equipment, Supplies & Medical (Direct Animal Care and Upkeep)

*Paper towels WE NEED LOTS! (WRCNU uses 12 rolls or more each day)

*Ziploc bags (gallon/quart/sandwich sizes)

*Garbage bags (8-10 gal, 13 gal and 33 (or larger) gal sizes)

*Hand Sanitizer

*Bleach (lots)

*Laundry detergent

*Latex gloves (M & L sizes)

*Heating pads (without automatic turn-off feature)

*Scissors (a continuous supply of medium-heavy duty “sewing” shears needed)

*Bath-sized Towels

*Bed sheets (in good condition—not full of holes)

Badly Needed Miscellaneous Supplies

*1st Class postage stamps

*Printer Paper

*Printer ink Canon-226-BK, 226-C, 226-Y, 226-M & 225-PGBK; HP-45

Equipment & Tools Please note that we are a non-profit organization and need properly working machinery/equipment—disposing of nonworking items can be costly to WRCNU—thank you.

*Working Lawn mowers

*Weed Eater (in good working condition)

*Working Power Tools (drill (electric and cordless), skill saw, sawzsall, saber saw, etc.)

*Hand Tools of all types (hammer, screw drivers, wrenches, sockets, saws, etc…)

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“Man believes he must manage the wilderness for the wilderness’ sake. Wilderness: a perfect example of eons of successful self-management and yet man shall “manage” it to death.”
~Buz Marthaler~