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What to do if you have Found injured wildlife...

Please call us before trying to help injured wildlife. We can provide specific advise on how to proceed without you or the animal getting hurt.

Transport the injured wildlife to us or another licensed rehabilitator as soon as possible.

If you find a baby animal or bird leave it alone for its mother to return. Baby birds can be returned to their nest, if it's accessible.

Never put your own safety at risk trying to help an animal. Wild animals will defend themselves when approached regardless of your good intentions.

Before picking up a baby bird, please click here and follow the flow chart. found a baby bird
Also please read this article: What to do with the injured bird in your hands?

Please call us with questions:

DaLyn Erickson -Marthaler
Wildlife Specialist

Please DO NOT email us regarding sick or injured wildlife, these injuries MUST be taken care of immediately and due to our workload we may not see and respond to your email for many days. PLEASE call and if you cannot get through at first please keep trying AND leave a message. During the summer we will receive 150 phone calls every day—we ask for your patience and understanding in order that we may help the wildlife needing our services. Thank you.

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