Sustainer Levels


$5/month, $100-$179 annually; undisclosed CFC donations / Others.

16¢ - 27¢ a day will feed 1 hummingbird

for 3 - 4 months.

Flying Squirrel

$15/month; $180 - $239 annually or only

49¢ a day will purchase 8 boxes of fish to feed an adult pelican for 2 months.


$20/month; $240 - $419 annually or only

66¢ a day will feed approximately 50 baby songbirds for 1 month.

North American Beaver

$35/month; $420 - $599 annually or just

$1.15 a day will feed 1 orphaned beaver, porcupine or otter for 3-5 weeks.

Great Horned Owl

Be a "Life Saver"

$50/month; $600 - $1,199 annually, or just

$1.64 a day will provide 2 life saving surgeries and follow up care for 2 large raptors.


$100/month; $1,200 - $4,999 annually

$3.29 a day (less than a Latte a day) will provide a whole food diet for 7 large raptors for 2 months.  These raptors include Red-tailed Hawks, Swainson's Hawks, Barn Owls, and Great Horned Owls. 

Golden Eagle

$417/month; $5,000 and up annually

$13.70 a day; Sustaining at this  level puts "the wind beneath our wings", enabling us to soar to greater heights.  Golden Eagles ensure that we are able to improve and grow our organization overall. 

Golden Eagles help assure funding for veterinary expenses, medications and food for patients.

Eagle Sustainers help secure supplies used to provide engaging community education programs and higher quality of care for our patients.

Help us to provide these desperately needed services for generations to come!

Sign up to be a WRCNU Sustainer

Click on the link below to donate with your credit card.

  • Donate the amount you wish your monthly contribution to be ($5, $10, $100, etc.)

In the section for "Description", please indicate:

  • That you would like to be a sustainer by stating "Monthly Sustainer"
  • If you prefer a specific monthly date please specify the date that you would like your gift to be withdrawn each month, i.e. 1st, 15th, 30th, etc.
  • Your initial donation will go through as a "one-time donation"; we will set up your account to begin your Sustainer donations on this same date (or as requested) starting the following month.
  • You will receive automated email confirmations monthly showing your card was debited
  • Your email receipts are your proof of your tax deductible contribution
  • If you would like us to setup a recurring debit to another account (checking/savings) contact us by email at for more information 

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Chipmunk Club

Making a Difference at Any Age

Many of our determined Youth have proven that you are never too young to make a positive impact for wildlife.  Thankfully, WRCNU is often the recipient of the amazing work and generosity of our inspiring youth.

We Love our Chipmunks!

In recognition of these amazing young leaders, WRCNU came up with the "Chipmunk Club" to thank those who each year support us through supply drives, donations  from their "allowance", gifts given to WRCNU in lieu of birthday gifts, Boy and Girl Scout award Projects, and much more.