People Supporting WRCNU


Thank you Janet Duncan-LuJan!!!

Janet was a winner of the Modern Woodman's "Hometown Hero Award" and she selected Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah to be the nonprofit recipient of the prize money!

Thank you Modern Woodman of America for this donation and thank you Janet for choosing WRCNU as the recipient! 

Animal Photo Gallery

Meet "Oscar" the River otter


Meet "Oscar" the River Otter. Oscar was an injured orphan found on the side of a road and Mom was nowhere to be seen.  Due to being a single baby and his young age, Oscar did not have the skills required to live in the wild and therefore we found him a home in a legal sanctuary/zoo. Oscar is now living with "Suzie" a female Otter at the Alameda Park Zoo in NM.  Oscar is AMAZINGLY smart and will make a great Education Ambassador.

Bald eagle in mew, preparing for release


This is "Aquila" a Bald Eagle suffering from a broken coracoid (collarbone); he was later successfully released (see photo below)


Aquila Released

Aquila's release in fall of 2016


Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron Released at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge


American White Pelican

This Pelican was released on Willard Bay after a short stay at the "WRCNU B&B".


"Nipper" the American Beaver Kit

Nipper is shown here during one of his final meals before his release after almost 2 years at WRCNU.  Did you know that the survival rate of an orphaned Beaver in the wild, that is under the age of two, is "zero"?  Nipper was released with all the knowledge and skills he needs to survive in the wild--released June 2017

More Photos Coming ...