Found an injured or orphaned animal?

Hands holding baby morning dove

Whenever you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, call Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (801-814-7888) or your local licensed wildlife rehabilitator to determine whether the animal actually needs help!  

Some young animals may not need rescuing– please call first to determine  if an animal needs to be rescued. Please don’t take a healthy animal away from it's parents. 

If the animal is obviously injured or in danger, without putting your safety at risk, contain the animal in a safe location and contact a rehabilitator. 

This handy flowchart for birds will help you determine whether to intervene in the case of young birds.

Click for the "I Found a Baby Bird, Now What?" flowchart. 

Click the link below for a list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators

Rehabilitating wildlife requires state and federal permits.  This is for the safety and well-being of the animals as well as caretakers.  

What to do with the animal until you can get help.

  • Contact a licensed professional as soon as possible.  It is always best to get help quickly (hours not days).
  • Do not give the animal any food or water. Feeding an animal can create life threatening complications and an improper diet can result in injury or death. 
  • Place the animal in an appropriately-sized, secure box with a towel on the bottom.  Be certain there is sufficient air, but be careful not to poke large holes.  Animals will try to escape and if they can see you, it is terrifying to them. 
  • Cover the container with a towel or blanket--this helps to keep the animal quiet and calm--no peeking--"human predators" are scary to wildlife.
  • Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place such as a spare bathroom or laundry room.  Young and injured animals often times have difficulty with thermoregulation. 
  • Leave the animal alone. Humans are their biggest predator and they know this.  Cuddling makes people feel better, but it is very stressful to wild animals--stress can kill.
  • Keep children and pets away.