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Osprey Release (June 19, 2019)


The Osprey is a difficult raptor to rehab, they just are not meant to  stand on the ground. They are built for flying (long narrow wings),  diving into the water for fish with long outstretched legs and sharp  talons, and then perching on branches to feed and rest.

On the  ground they are extremely clumsy and if the rehabber is not careful the  bird will literally break every tail feather as well as all of its  primary wing feathers (those out on the tips of the wing).

Without these  essential flight feathers, they are doomed and regrowing them and not  REbreaking them is a process we've had to do on occasion and it just  extends the care period out (requiring special permission for the  federal government) from a few weeks to up to a year, depending on the  time of year they arrive.

This was a very good release and makes a rehabber extremely pleased.



Baby Porcupine found near road next to her dead mother (July 2018)


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River Otter

Meet "Oscar" the orphaned River Otter pup.

Check out our February 2018 video of Oscar experiencing his VERY 1st SNOW!   "Snow Angels!"



"Aquila" Released!

After rehabilitation for a broken coracoid (collar bone) caused by a vehicle collision, "Aquila" the male Bald Eagle is successfully released over Willard Bay, Utah.



"Nipper" the Orphaned Beaver Kit (Dec 2015)

In this video (a little more than 1 one prior to "his" release) Nipper explores his new "super sized" accommodations.